Supply Chain

Supply chain management

Procurement & supply chain

What we do for you

We coordinate movements

Depending on our clients’ need, we put together the most diverse functions into their value-added chains. We manage and ensure supply streams, pickup and delivery is done in time.

We coordinate the movement of your merchandise in an effective and efficient process. We ensure the efficient flow and storage of your merchandise from the point of origin to the point of delivery.

As a logistics company, Trends Logistic offers a proper supply chain that include the transportation, shipping, receiving, storage and management of all logistics functions.

Our strength is in furnishing information, warehousing, inventory, transportation, packaging, security and material handling.

Food & beverage supply chain

A special service

The food and beverage supply chain is growing in Cameroon and the entire Central Africa Region. The demand for fresh produce for export is high, hence the demand for transportation – air, sea and land transport.

We offer temperature controlled warehousing and distribution. We provide a dynamic, reliable and fast supply chain solutions for the food industry. Our food industry logistics experts can help you enter new market while exploiting the existing ones effectively.

We provide suitable solutions for refrigerated transport by air, sea and land. We help you detect the most suitable transport means for your goods to the refrigeration according to the product type, time of transportation and the destination.

Customs Clearance Documentation Services

- Shipment examination, Sending and Receiving Goods
- Registration with the customs for project clearance
- Custom clearance of merchandise at the port of entry
- Port handling and warehousing arrangements on client’s requirement
- Provide suggestions or recommendations to our clients on purchase order documentation, packing, invoice and contracts to make the documentation compatible with the Cameroonian or CEMAC customs appropriate customs classification for easy clearance
- Recommendations or solutions for effective packing for safety and handling.